Classification of industrial endoscopes and their advantages and disadvantages

Now the industrial endoscope on the market can be divided into hard tubes, optical fiber, and electronics. 1. Hard pipe, as shown in the figure below, can be viewed directly or side. It can be viewed by naked eyes or connected to a CMOS display. The lighting is optical fiber guided lighting. Disadvantages: it cannot be […]

Principle, method and scope of industrial endoscope detection

An industrial endoscope is a branch of nondestructive testing, which can also be said to be a special inspection technology. Scope of use: First, weld surface defect detection. Inspect the welding quality such as weld surface crack, incomplete penetration, and leakage. The second is lumen detection. Detect surface cracks, peeling, pull wires, scratches, pits, bulges, […]

Use process of industrial endoscope and precautions during use

industrial endoscope As a widely used testing instrument, there are mainly 8 points about the use process of an industrial endoscope and the precautions during the use of industrial endoscope: 1. We should understand the internal structural characteristics, specific detection contents, and positions of industrial endoscope detection workpieces, expand relevant linked instruments according to procedures, […]

Knowledge sharing in the application field of industrial endoscope

With the continuous development of science and technology, industrial endoscopes are applied more and more frequently in various industries. According to different technologies and application ranges, they are divided into electronic industrial endoscopes, pipeline endoscopes, industrial electronic endoscopes, etc. Let’s talk about the application fields of industrial endoscopes. 1、 Power plant It is used for […]

What are the characteristics of industrial endoscope?

Industrial endoscopes can be used for inspection and observation in places with high temperatures, toxicity, nuclear radiation, and places that cannot be directly observed by human eyes. It is mainly used for automobiles, aero engines, pipelines, mechanical parts, etc. it can realize non-destructive testing without dismantling or damaging the assembly and stopping the operation of […]

What are the advantages and uses of industrial endoscopes?

An industrial endoscope, also commonly known as industrial video endoscope, is an industrial nondestructive testing instrument that enters the curved and narrow parts that cannot be directly seen by human eyes through pipelines without dismantling parts, and observes the internal surface characteristics or operating state of objects through an external display screen, so as to […]

Select industrial pipeline endoscope from these aspects

        The industrial pipeline endoscope has very strong durability. The cable and rod of the endoscope are made of high-quality metal. The lens is also made of scratch and oil-resistant glass shell. All parts of the body are made of 304 high-quality stainless steel. Therefore, the industrial pipeline endoscope has super durability, […]

Yuchen portable photoelectric industrial endoscope solves the problem of welding detection

Industrial endoscope welding is a common production process in industrial production and manufacturing, involving all aspects of industrial production, such as electric power, special inspection, machinery manufacturing, petrochemical industry, aerospace, automotive fields, especially in the field of electric power. In the process of welding, due to improper welding structure, raw materials, and other problems, it […]

USB endoscope type C endoscope is suitable for OTG Android phones, windows PCs and macbooks

USB endoscope 0.21 inch / 5.5 mm diameter endoscope: the USB endoscope camera probe is ultra-thin, only 0.21 inch / 5.5 mm. We can use this endoscope in many inaccessible, narrow, and narrow places at home or outdoors, such as HVAC, ventilation pipe, engine, air conditioner, sofa corner, bathtub pipe, toilet, etc. Use USB / […]