Method for connecting USB endoscope to mobile phone

1. USB endoscope can be connected to mobile phone through OTG cable. However, this cable is generally connected to the keyboard, mouse, USB flash disk and hard disk. Most USB endoscopes cannot be used. They should be connected with a special OTG cable.USB Industry endoscope-Yuchen endoscope

2. Because the mobile phone system is also an intelligent operating system, you need a driver to connect any hardware. Generally, the mobile phone does not have the driver of the computer camera, so it can be used only after downloading the USB endoscope driver.

3. In addition, mobile phones that can connect USB endoscopes must have their own cameras. Developers generally don’t develop drivers for this rarely used additional USB endoscope.

4. To ensure that the OTG function of the mobile phone is on, theUSB camera can be connected to the mobile phone.

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