Select industrial pipeline endoscope from these aspects

The industrial pipeline endoscope has very strong durability. The cable and rod of the endoscope are made of high-quality metal. The lens is also made of scratch and oil-resistant glass shell. All parts of the body are made of 304 high-quality stainless steel. Therefore, the industrial pipeline endoscope has super durability, waterproof performance, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance, Even in the worst environment, they will not be affected. It is widely used in industry, medical industry, automobile repair industry, and other industries. Therefore, the application field of industrial pipeline endoscope basically covers all walks of life, which can meet the needs of accurate detection in all fields.

The following points should be paid attention to in the selection of industrial pipeline endoscope:

1. Check the position of the extension hole

During detection, the objective lens of the industrial pipeline endoscope must be extended close enough to the detection point (or object to be tested) before the detection can be carried out. The inspection of the position of the extension hole will determine the selection of the observation angle, observation direction, approach route, and working length of the endoscope.

2. Check the size of the extension hole

Checking the size of the extension hole will limit the size of the mirror tube diameter (or working diameter).

3. Approach path of the detection point

If the approach path to the detection point is short and linear, it is more suitable to use a rigid endoscope for detection. If it is a curved (or tortuous) approach path, a flexible endoscope or a flexible cord electronic image endoscope must be selected

4. The distance from the objective lens to the tested object, whether using a standard or high-intensity light source, and the distance between the objective lens and the tested object will directly affect the lighting demand. Moreover, the objective lens also needs to use the angle of view to obtain the image resolution and maximum magnification.

5. Outline size of the tested object

The outline of the inspected object includes the size of the whole inspected object, crack or crack, deformation, and other parts, which is one of the important factors to determine the viewing angle and light source brightness of the industrial pipeline endoscope.

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