Inspection camera, endoscope, wireless endoscope, WiFi detection camera, 1200p HD endoscope, waterproof IP68 snake tube camera, with 8 LEDs and semi-rigid cable, suitable for IOS, Android, iPhone, windows and MAC-Yuchen endoscope


【easy to use】WiFi industrial endoscope does not need network, just need to download and install WiFi industrial endoscope application program, can directly use mobile phone to connect WiFi box hotspot, and can connect multiple mobile phones at the same time, the picture is smooth and barrier free.

【wide compatibility】WiFi dustrial endoscope is compatible with Android system of mobile phone and IOS system of iPhone, and windows / MAC / iPad / Samsung / Huawei / one plus / system of computer.

【after sales worry free】.We are responsible for maintenance if there is any fault within 365 days after purchase.

【long battery life】the WiFi box uses a 900 Ma battery, with a battery life of 180 minutes and a battery charging time of only 1 hour.

【high lens resolution】 the 1200p detection camera and 2MP CMOS sensor are used to capture high-definition snapshot images or videos with resolutions of 640px480p, 1280px720p, 1920px1080p and 1600px1200p. And the recorded pictures and videos can be stored in the library for real-time viewing.

【powerful function】the semi-rigid cable length can reach 1m-15m, the bending degree can be adjusted at will, the waterproof grade can reach IP68, the brightness of eight LED lights can be adjusted at will, and the probe diameter is 5.5mm/7mm/8mm, which can detect any place

【wide application]】WiFi industrial endoscope can be used in automobile detection/sewer detection/PCB detection/ aerospace/health tractor/oil drilling/construction and other industries.,Inspection camera, endoscope, wireless

This commodity is a wholesale commodity, starting from 100.