USB industrial endoscope camera, 720p IP67 waterproof binocular telescope, 5.5mm 7mm 8mm snake detection camera, scope camera, with 1m to 10m semi-rigid cable, 6 LED lights – Yuchen endoscope


【USB Android interface design】:  This endoscope camera adopts micro USB interface, with wide compatibility and application range. Compatible with windows and Mac OS and Android devices. IPhone, iPad and windows phones are not supported!

【upgrade serpentine cable】:  1m to 10m semi-rigid cable can be bent and keep its shape to enter various enclosed places to meet different needs, such as bending holes or pipes, air conditioning, top of wardrobe, etc.

【720P HD detection camera】: USB industrial endoscop the endoscope camera is equipped with 1280 * 720p, 5.5mm, 7mm and 8mm lens, which is helpful to check narrow places, provide you with a super clear world and view every detail accurately. Equipped with side mirror, magnet and hook, these three practical accessories make your work easier.

【perfect function】: built in 6 brightness adjustable LED lights, which can make you work easily in the dark environment. Waterproof endoscope camera can effectively detect underwater environment. ​

【long focal length】: the focal length of the USB endoscope is expanded from 3 inches (about 7.6 cm) to 16 inches (about 40.6 cm), so the images and videos in the camera will have a wider and clearer field of vision.