USB snake detection camera, 2.0 MP IP67 waterproof USB Android endoscope, Android camera, with 6 adjustable LED lights, 1 m to 15 m cable length, 5.5 mm, 7 mm, 8 mm diameter cameras-Yuchen endoscope


Product description:

♦USB Android endoscope is suitable for most USB micro Android phones, such as Samsung, HTC and Sony. It also works on most computers and macbooks (not iPhones). Important: it is only applicable to USB micro C smart phones with OTG and USB UVC functions. It is recommended to install the free application “USB OTG Checker” to view the OTG before purchasing.

♦Important: for Android 10 + system, please download mscops, an98 or OTG view (Android 10 special edition) from the official Google play. For systems below Android 10, please download camerafi2 and mscope from the official Google play.

♦Ultra HD 2 megapixel CMOS camera. Capture a snapshot image or video with 640x4801280x720 resolution.

♦1 m to 15 m semi-rigid cable can rotate 360 degrees to select the viewing angle.

♦5.5mm, 7mm and 8mm waterproof wired camera can check underwater, cracks and holes. Six adjustable LED lights replace six to provide a clearer image experience in dark areas.