Industrial endoscope, 1944p HD detection camera, 4.5-inch IPS screen, 14mm autofocus digital endoscope, with 6 LEDs lights, 2600 MAH battery, 32GB card, EVA shell, 2m / 5m / 10m semi-rigid cable


The industrial endoscope camera adopts the automatic focusing 1944p lens, the front of the video endoscope camera is within 80 degrees, and the side is ergonomically designed to make it easier to observe the internal situation of the pipeline. Aiming cameras are widely used in industrial machinery inspection, pipeline fixation and automobile maintenance.

It adopts 4.5-inch IPS screen and 2600mAH capacity, which can be used after startup. It directly displays real-time images on the 4.5-inch color screen. It works continuously for 5 hours with 2600mAH capacity, which solves the trouble of frequent charging when going out.Flashlight and 7 kinds of adjustable lights: there are 6 adjustable LED lights in the front of the camera, which can be clearly seen even in dark places. The LED light behind the HD inspection camera can be used as a flashlight in dark places. Let’s explore the multiple potential functions of industrial endoscopes.

Flexible semi-rigid cable is adopted. This industrial endoscope camera adopts semi-rigid material cable, 2m, 5M and 10m long, which can be folded into different shapes to reach the depth in the inspection area. Fully meet your daily needs.

two useful accessories can be installed on the camera probe for different purposes – magnets and hooks for taking objects; 32GB TF card is packaged. The pictures and videos taken will be directly stored in the TF card for easy sharing with friends.

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