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4.3-inch industrial endoscope

【1080p dual lens camera】 an additional HD camera is added to the side of the main camera to help get more details of the interior of the object. The side camera has a 70 degree viewing angle, and the main camera has a total of 140 degrees, which can help you get a wider view. The two cameras can switch freely, and the two images can be displayed on the screen at the same time. The probe has 8 adjustable LED lights to ensure brightness even in dark places

【1080p 4.3-inch IPS color screen】 – 4.3-inch industrial endoscope 1080p screen can make images and movies more vivid and clear. 360 ° screen flip and rotate, so that you can get the best viewing angle and detect more details. IPS screen can also prevent image and film distortion. The multilingual system can be easily operated for users from different countries.

【semi rigid cable】 semi rigid and elastic cable with 1m to 10m camera, which can fix its shape and pass through pipes with diameter less than 0.59in/1.5cm or areas with gap difficult to reach. The shape can be kept straight 1 meter without bending. You can freely shape to check the air conditioner, car engine or sewer, with IP68 waterproof, focal length of 1.6 to 160.6 inches (about 1.6 to 426.6 cm), industrial endoscope can be used in many cases.

plug and play, simple operation】 – it can be used immediately after the power is turned on. There is no need to connect WiFi and download any driver software. The five buttons on the main product can meet all your requirements. Multi language can help you better understand the product features. The photos and videos you capture will be automatically saved in the 32g TF card. Menu allows you to set your own preferences and language for all users

【can work for a long time】 – built in 18650 lithium ion battery, which can charge more quickly and safely. The 2600 MAH battery can keep the endoscope working for about 5 hours, which is long enough to complete the comprehensive inspection of cars, sewers or household appliances. Applicable temperature range: Fahrenheit: – 0 ° F – 45 ° f / centigrade: 0 ° C – 45 ° C