Do you know the difference between industrial endoscope and medical endoscope? Take a look at this article


The internal exploration function of the endoscope has brought great convenience to people’s life and work. With the help of the endoscope, people can also explore the areas that people can’t see directly. The industrial endoscope expands the vision of the inspection personnel, making the depth of the pipeline and the inside of the container no longer a headache blind area, so the inspection and maintenance is easy to deal with. Medical endoscopy extends the vision of surgeons, realizes minimally invasive surgery, and brings good news to the majority of patients. So what’s the difference between industrial endoscope and medical endoscope?

First of all, in terms of name, the two are used for different purposes. Medical endoscope is a kind of commonly used medical instrument, which is mainly used for routine medical examination and surgical operation of human body. When using, the endoscope is introduced into the organs to be inspected through the natural orifice of human body or small incision made by operation, which can directly peep at the changes of relevant parts. With the use of other surgical instruments, the closed operation in vivo can be carried out in vitro, With the advantages of flexible and simple operation, reducing patients’ pain and improving efficiency, the functional minimally invasive surgery technology of medical endoscope has been widely accepted by doctors and patients; Industrial endoscope is a non-destructive testing equipment for industrial use, which can observe the deep part of the curved pipe and the part that can not be directly viewed by human eyes, and realize long-distance observation and operation. The use of industrial endoscope, without disassembly or damage, can easily and quickly check the interior of various machines, equipment, assembly objects, in the petrochemical industry, auto parts manufacturing, aerospace, police security, rail transit and other industries, has a wide range of uses.

Secondly, because of different uses, the requirements for materials and imaging are also different. Because the medical endoscope extends into the human body and will contact with the human body to produce friction, in order to avoid discomfort and unnecessary damage, it usually uses soft materials. Industrial endoscopes usually extend to the interior of industrial facilities and often rub with hard materials such as metal, so materials with good wear resistance (such as tungsten wire) are usually selected as the outer layer. In addition, although both images are clear, the former is used to observe the internal organs of the human body, so it pays more attention to the color and softness of the image; The observation object of industrial endoscope is metal in a relatively narrow space, so we need to consider the metal reflection, lighting intensity and other issues to ensure the clarity of the image.

Through the above brief introduction of industrial endoscope and medical endoscope, we hope to help you better understand industrial endoscope. In recent years, with the development of industry, the scope of application of industrial endoscope is wider and wider. In addition to the ability to detect the inside of the equipment, it can also assist the detection personnel to perform some operations, such as: clamping the redundant objects and so on. Yuchen endoscope has been specializing in sales of Yuchen industrial endoscope products in Chinese mainland, and has continuously provided high-quality and new products and professional technical support and services for new and old customers.

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