Overview and application of industrial endoscope

An industrial endoscope is a multi-disciplinary tool. Its function is to explore the depth of the curved pipeline, observe the parts that cannot be seen directly, observe the internal spatial structure and state in the sealed cavity, and realize long-distance observation and operation. If we want to thoroughly explore the origin of the endoscope of “observing the interior of the human body with some tool”, we can go back to ancient Greece and ancient Rome.

Because of its special size design, the industrial endoscope allows us to observe the internal surface structure or working state of the object simply and accurately without damaging the surface of the detected object.

Nondestructive testing requires the use of an industrial endoscope as a testing tool, which is specially designed and produced to meet the complex industrial environment. With the development of endoscope manufacturing technology, endoscope detection has been widely used. According to the characteristics of the manufacturing process, we generally divide industrial endoscope into three types: optical hard tube mirrors, optical fiber mirrors,s, and video mirrors.

The industrial endoscope can be used for inspection and observation in places with high temperatures, toxicity, nuclear radiation, and places that cannot be directly observed by human eyes. It is mainly used for automobiles, aero engines, pipelines, mechanical parts, etc. it can realize non-destructive testing without dismantling or damaging the assembly and stopping the operation of equipment. On the other hand, the industrial endoscope can also be connected with a camera, camera, or electronic computer, The camera, camera, and image processing system is composed to monitor, record, store and analyze the field of view target, which provides a good guarantee for diagnosis and processing.

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