What else can the application of industrial endoscope do in addition to finding defects?

Industrial endoscope can be used in many industrial places for defect detection. For example, the defects in aircraft engine, pipeline, cylinder, gearbox and other equipment can be detected by industrial endoscope. So what else can the application of industrial endoscope do in addition to finding defects? In fact, industrial endoscope can not only observe the surface defects of objects, but also measure, or remove superfluous objects. The following two examples are the best illustration.

For example, a customer found two pits on the engine fan casing during aircraft parking inspection, but the size could not be confirmed. So we contacted Beijing Weilin YiWeiTe WiFi aomekie USB digital microscope magnifier endoscope-Yuchen endoscopeCo., Ltd. to ask for support. After learning about this, Beijing Weilin sent professionals to the site quickly with Weilin industrial endoscope equipment, and measured it with Weilin endoscope equipped with 3D measurement technology. Then the customer reported the measured accurate defect size to relevant manufacturers and received repair opinions in time, Corresponding repairs were carried out to ensure the smooth completion of aircraft maintenance.

By carrying the measurement function, the industrial endoscope can quantitatively measure the gap, depth and defect area, so as to help the inspectors make more accurate decisions according to the quantitative data. The measurement methods supported by include comparative measurement, shadow measurement, binocular measurement, 3D measurement, etc. Among them, 3D measurement is a relatively advanced measurement method, which can make the measurement faster and more accurate and improve the detection efficiency.

For another example, the staff of an aircraft maintenance company accidentally dropped the plastic screw from the air intake pipe into the engine compressor casing during work. Due to the imminent delivery date of the engine, if the engine is disassembled again, it is bound to affect the normal delivery time. After learning of the above situation, Beijing Weilin YiWeiTe  Co., Ltd. immediately sent professional engineers to rush to the aircraft maintenance company with Weilin industrial endoscope mviq and customized probe with built-in manipulator channel, and successfully fished out the screws falling in the gearbox at noon the next day, so as to avert the danger and ensure the normal delivery time of the engine.

It can be seen that the cleaning of product surplus is also one of the application scenarios of industrial endoscope. Small parts or surplus objects, such as metal processing chips, screws, washers, abnormal fractures, etc., left in the confined space will affect the normal operation of aircraft and power generation system, affect the service life of products, and even cause accidents. The use of the built-in manipulator or external manipulator of the industrial endoscope can accurately and effectively grasp the surplus, avoid the damage of the equipment due to the surplus, and solve the problems for customers.

Through the above two examples, it shows that the industrial endoscope can not only be used for visual observation, but also measure and remove superfluous objects. In fact, there are many extended functions of industrial endoscope. For example, by equipped with UV function probe, the endoscopic detection function can be combined with penetration detection technology to realize fluorescent penetration detection on the surface of complex cavity. What functions will industrial endoscopes have in the future? Let’s wait and see

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