Application of industrial endoscope

An industrial endoscope is a new high-tech product designed and produced according to the detection requirements of the inner surface of straight pipelines such as the petrochemical industry, industrial machinery, electronic and electrical industry, and aerospace. It integrates optical, mechanical, electrical, and image processing software. The industrial endoscope is equipped with a high-resolution color monitor or a pen computer with a USB port, which is more convenient to carry and clearer to observe images, The operator can use high-power clear color CCD to freeze, enlarge, analyze, measure, and print the observed doubtful points and flaw detection parts with the help of the unique professional software processing system, which greatly improves the accuracy of judging the flaw detection parts of the inner wall of the pipeline.
The probe is designed with two lenses of direct view and side view, which can scan and observe the pipe wall 360 °, which is convenient and reliable. For example, the inspection and maintenance of defect detection and condition monitoring of important equipment such as turbines, pipelines, condenser tubes, pumps, boilers, heat exchangers, valves, and pressure vessels need to be used. The equipment detection of nuclear power plants, wind power plants, hydropower plants, thermal power plants, and power construction units is even more indispensable.
Precision casting and mechanical manufacturing
The industrial endoscope can be used in automobile parts casting, hydraulic casting, the pump body and valve body casting, mechanical parts casting, and pipe fittings casting units to check the quality control of sand inclusion, burr, and staggered holes.
For this kind of examination, the same as 3D endoscope has compactness and flexibility. The parts to be inspected are relatively small holes, and the mirror rod is small, flexible, and easy to insert; The video display is also very intuitive and clear. It can observe the deep holes, blind holes, staggered holes, Gaza, and burrs in the casting body at a glance.
Automobile maintenance and production industry
An industrial endoscope is widely used in the automobile production and maintenance industry. It is mainly used to detect and diagnose the wear, carbon deposition, and blockage of automobile engine, cylinder, oil pressure parts, fuel pipe, engine, muffler, transmission, and air conditioning system, differential, water tank, oil tank, and gearbox, which improves work efficiency and reduces repair costs, At the same time, the damage caused by repeated disassembly and assembly of parts is avoided. Endoscope is also an essential daily tool in the cleaning and maintenance of automobile engines. At the same time, it is simple, flexible, compact, and easy to carry. The soft, small, and flexible insertion tube can reach any hidden part that needs to be checked.
Aerospace Industry
The industrial endoscope t922 can be used for regular inspection of aircraft turbine, blade, engine, weld surface, conduit surface, combustion cavity or body, as well as research, development, and manufacturing of rocket engine.
Aircraft maintenance is inseparable from the endoscope, which is called “hole detector”. It is one of the five tools for aircraft daily maintenance and routine inspection. Its purpose is to master the internal conditions of the engine. As the only inspection method that can understand the internal condition of the engine without disassembling the engine in route maintenance, endoscopy is of great significance and value for both safety and benefit: first, it is intuitive, accurate, simple, and easy, and can find the damage of internal components of the engine as soon as possible, which is very conducive to eliminating potential safety hazards in the embryonic stage; Second, endoscopic inspection avoids the costs of disassembling the engine and corresponding engine replacement and transportation, as well as unnecessary aircraft shutdown losses, and saves maintenance costs.
Petroleum, chemical, and pressure vessel industry
The industrial endoscope can be used to detect and inspect internal defects such as storage tanks, heat exchangers, spherical tank trucks in petroleum refineries, pipeline facilities in the chemical industry, special inspection stations, and pressure vessel production units. At the same time, there is no need to disassemble the inspected equipment in the detection process, so it is a very cost-effective detection solution.
Video endoscopy technology has been widely used in the internal inspection of industrial condenser tubes, compressors and heat exchanger tubes, weld inspection, pipe wall deposition, corrosion and cracks of pharmaceutical and food stainless steel pipelines, overheating inspection and leak inspection, electroplating tubes, and circumferential weld inspection. The image processing system and recorder of the video endoscope can effectively record, store and process the inspection defects at any time to ensure the archiving of image data.
Railway construction, ship and research unit
Industrial video endoscope, pipeline endoscope, and straight rod endoscope launched by industrial endoscope are widely used in many different factories and mining units. Inspection of electric locomotive, air conditioning system, turbine, heater, diesel engine, boiler flame and pipeline in railway/ship unit; In construction engineering units, it can be used to check the corrosion and dirt of steel pipes, internal diagnosis of walls, rust of reinforcement, cracks of support shafts and bridge joints, as well as the observation of cavities inside tunnels and building models; Diagnosis of corrosion and blockage of tap water drainage pipe; Used in research institutions for observation, scientific research, laboratory, archaeology, etc.
National defense and military security, security inspection
An industrial endoscope has also been used in weapon manufacturing, daily maintenance, security, customs inspection, search and rescue, and life detection.
Weapon manufacturing is used to check the wear, looseness, oil leakage of mechanical gear parts, and the internal condition of the gun barrel.
Security inspection is used by the public security and customs departments to inspect the hidden drugs and smuggled goods.
Search and rescue detection is used for earthquake search and rescue, emergency search, and explosion-proof inspection.
Power production and construction unit
The same three-dimensional industrial endoscope is used in various power plants/power construction units to inspect important equipment such as turbines, pipelines, condenser tubes, pumps, boilers, heat exchangers, valves, pressure vessels, and other equipment for defect detection and condition monitoring.
Application position:
Recover the internal and external corrosion of the fallen parts and pipes
Turbine cleaning blade and nozzle/nozzle blockage inspection
Inspection of valve base of refining/oil transmission line and sealing system
Main steam pipeline water supply heater
The operation status of condenser, wind turbine, and blade
Turbine / generator / generator stator blade inspection
The industrial endoscope can effectively improve the staff’s ability to check out the problems of various equipment and check the quality defects such as corrosion, rust, cracks, iron filings, foreign matters, butt welds, and so on. The compactness, portability, and mobility of the instrument can well reduce work intensity and improve work efficiency. The portable battery is more convenient to work in harsh environments such as narrow spaces, high climbing, and field operation.

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