Application method of industrial endoscope

1. Industrial endoscope is a precision instrument, which may cause equipment damage under the impact of strong external force. Therefore, when taking out and operating the instrument from the instrument box, be sure to handle it gently to avoid a collision, and do not drag the pipeline on the ground to avoid damage to the probe or scratching the lens.
2. Before starting up, please install the battery according to the identification. Do not install the battery upside down to avoid short circuits and burning the internal circuit.
3. After installing the SD card, you need to format the memory card before using it. You can select the memory card format in the menu setting, or operate it through the electric handle.
4. Insert the front-end pipeline into the tested equipment, operate the rocker to control the direction of the probe, and observe its interior through the display screen. The brightness of the light source can be adjusted to obtain the appropriate illuminance and make the picture achieve the clearest effect.
5. industrial endoscope If the environment with oil, water,and a lot of dust is detected, wipe the surface with a dust-free cloth after use to avoid penetration and damage to the lens.
6. Do not bend the movable joint of the pipeline directly by hand to avoid breaking the steel wire traction rope inside the pipeline.
7. Please try not to use it in a high-temperature environment of more than 70 °. If it must be used in this environment, the time shall not exceed 5 minutes.
8. Long-term use of this product will cause stains on the objective lens of a lens, resulting in unclear imaging. Please wipe the stains on the surface of the objective lens with a dust-free cloth before use.
9. When the front end bending state, do not break it straight by hand. Please return the front end by operating the rocker on the host.
10. Do not let the front lens of the lens collide with hard objects violently to prevent the probe lens from breaking.
11. Do not bend or knot the line, only bend it properly.
12. When using the instrument for testing, if the front end is clamped, do not pull it out by force.
13. Do not touch the pipeline with water as much as possible. If it is necessary to go deep into the water for testing, do not soak it for more than 10 minutes. After testing, water droplets are attached to the surface of the pipeline, please wipe it in time.
14. Please use the original charger to avoid damage to the battery.
15. industrial endoscope It is forbidden to operate the detected object under live conditions to avoid electric shock.
16. Confirm that the probe of the insertion tube of the industrial endoscope has been unlocked, let it automatically return to the straight position, and then slowly pull it out.
17. Do not look directly at the strong light source emitted by the LED at the end of the endoscope lens, to avoid the strong light affecting vision.
18. It is forbidden to use or store the instrument in an explosive, strong electromagnetic field,and combustible gas places, otherwise it may cause fire or explosion.
19. If the interior of the part is very rough, such as burrs, it may cause certain wear to the pipeline and lens under long-term use. businessmen to friends and family, don’t you think? It’ll inspect your vocabulary carefully and suggest the best word to make sure you don’t have to analyze your writing too much.

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