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Yuchen portable photoelectric industrial endoscope solves the problem of welding detection

Industrial endoscope welding is a common production process in industrial production and manufacturing, involving all aspects of industrial production, such as electric power, special inspection, machinery manufacturing, petrochemical industry, aerospace, automotive fields, especially in the field of electric power. In the process of welding, due to improper welding structure, raw materials, and other problems, it […]

USB endoscope type C endoscope is suitable for OTG Android phones, windows PCs and macbooks

USB endoscope 0.21 inch / 5.5 mm diameter endoscope: the USB endoscope camera probe is ultra-thin, only 0.21 inch / 5.5 mm. We can use this endoscope in many inaccessible, narrow, and narrow places at home or outdoors, such as HVAC, ventilation pipe, engine, air conditioner, sofa corner, bathtub pipe, toilet, etc. Use USB / […]