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Preliminary investigation on the application of industrial endoscope in industrial field

1、 Visual inspection of industrial endoscope Visual inspection is one of the important methods of nondestructive testing. It only refers to a detection method that uses human eyes or optical instruments to observe or measure the surface of industrial products. Typically, the visual detection is limited to the visible light range of the electromagnetic spectrum. Visual […]

Classification of industrial endoscopes and their advantages and disadvantages

Now the industrial endoscope on the market can be divided into hard tubes, optical fiber, and electronics. 1. Hard pipe, as shown in the figure below, can be viewed directly or side. It can be viewed by naked eyes or connected to a CMOS display. The lighting is optical fiber guided lighting. Disadvantages: it cannot be […]

The world’s smallest endoscope came out: it can detect a single cell of the human body

According to media reports, endoscopy has fundamentally changed medical treatment. Doctors can use a miniature camera attached to the end of the line with the thickness of the rope to spy on the internal organs of the patient without major surgery. At present, researchers at Stanford University in the United States have recently developed a […]

Overview and application of industrial endoscope

An industrial endoscope is a multi-disciplinary tool. Its function is to explore the depth of the curved pipeline, observe the parts that cannot be seen directly, observe the internal spatial structure and state in the sealed cavity, and realize long-distance observation and operation. If we want to thoroughly explore the origin of the endoscope of “observing […]

Select industrial pipeline endoscope from these aspects

The industrial pipeline endoscope has very strong durability. The cable and rod of the endoscope are made of high-quality metal. The lens is also made of scratch and oil-resistant glass shell. All parts of the body are made of 304 high-quality stainless steel. Therefore, the industrial pipeline endoscope has super durability, waterproof performance, wear resistance, […]

Application of industrial endoscope

An industrial endoscope is a new high-tech product designed and produced according to the detection requirements of the inner surface of straight pipelines such as the petrochemical industry, industrial machinery, electronic and electrical industry, and aerospace. It integrates optical, mechanical, electrical, and image processing software. The industrial endoscope is equipped with a high-resolution color monitor […]