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Application of endoscope in industrial field

endoscope in industrial The detection range of industrial endoscope is given in qj2859-1996 operation and use methods and judgment rules of industrial endoscope: (1) Lumen examination. Check the surface for cracks, peeling, pull wires, scratches, pits, bulges, spots, corrosion, and other defects. (2) Weld surface defect inspection. Check the weld surface for cracks, incomplete penetration, […]

Development of endoscope

endoscope With the development of modern science and technology, the has been thoroughly reformed and optical fiber has been used. In 1963, Japan began to produce fiber endoscope. In 1964, the biopsy device of fiber endoscope was successfully developed. These special biopsy forceps for biopsy can obtain appropriate pathological materials with low risk. In 1965, fiber […]

Industrial flaw detection technology of endoscope

Industrial endoscope in industry, there are more advanced g pipeline endoscopes. In terms of nondestructive testing and hole detection technology, LED electronic medical endoscope detector and industrial pipeline video endoscope, which are the same as three-dimensional patented products, are widely used in automobile repair, security, security inspection, and other fields The imaging forms are divided […]

Medical innovation from endoscopic surgery

endoscopic A number of technological innovations are being promoted in the medical field, and the field of endoscopic surgery is also one of them. In order to reduce the burden of surgery on patients, the application of related technologies is becoming more and more active. Let’s look at medical innovation from the field of endoscopic surgery. Now, […]

Application method of industrial endoscope

1. Industrial endoscope is a precision instrument, which may cause equipment damage under the impact of strong external force. Therefore, when taking out and operating the instrument from the instrument box, be sure to handle it gently to avoid a collision, and do not drag the pipeline on the ground to avoid damage to the […]