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What else can the application of industrial endoscope do in addition to finding defects?

Industrial endoscope can be used in many industrial places for defect detection. For example, the defects in aircraft engine, pipeline, cylinder, gearbox and other equipment can be detected by industrial endoscope. So what else can the application of industrial endoscope do in addition to finding defects? In fact, industrial endoscope can not only observe the surface defects […]

Precautions for the use of industrial endoscope

1. industrial endoscope Keep the use area clean and brightly lit( Chaos or dark areas (prone to accidents) 2. Do not use industrial endoscopes in explosive environments, such as flammable liquids, gases or dust. 3. Do not use portable  in areas that may come into contact with wires or live objects. The exposed metal part of the […]

Method for connecting USB endoscope to mobile phone

1. USB endoscope can be connected to mobile phone through OTG cable. However, this cable is generally connected to the keyboard, mouse, USB flash disk and hard disk. Most USB endoscopes cannot be used. They should be connected with a special OTG cable. 2. Because the mobile phone system is also an intelligent operating system, you […]

Daily maintenance of USB industrial endoscope

USB industrial endoscope is widely used in aerospace, energy and power, automobile manufacturing, fine chemical industry and other fields. Because it is an important tool for nondestructive testing, it must be well maintained in daily work. 1. Pay attention to the protection of lens and probe: in the daily maintenance of USB industrial endoscope, in […]

Application field of industrial endoscope

Industrial endoscope for power plant Industrial endoscope It is used for equipment inspection of nuclear power plants, wind power plants, hydropower plants, thermal power plants and power construction units, such as defect detection and condition monitoring inspection and maintenance of important equipment such as turbines, pipelines, condenser tubes, pumps, boilers, heat exchangers, valves and pressure […]

Difference between industrial endoscope and medical endoscope

 industrial endoscope First of all, from the name point of view, the two purposes are different. Medical endoscope is a commonly used medical instrument, which is mainly used in routine medical examination and surgical operation of human body. When in use, the endoscope is introduced into the organs to be examined through the natural pores of […]