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Use process and precautions of USB industrial endoscope

  As a widely used testing instrument, there are mainly 8 points about the use process of USB industrial endoscope and the precautions during the use of USB industrial endoscope: 1. We should understand the internal structural characteristics, specific testing contents and location of the tested workpiece, expand the relevant linked instruments according to the […]

Industrial video endoscope t922

Industrial video endoscope The probe is designed with two lenses of direct view and side view, which can make 360 degree inspection on the tube wall ° Scanning observation is convenient and reliable. Such as turbine, pipeline, condenser pipe, pump, boiler, heat exchanger, valve, pressure vessel and other important equipment defect detection, condition monitoring inspection and maintenance need […]

Do you know the difference between industrial endoscope and medical endoscope? Take a look at this article

Shop The internal exploration function of the endoscope has brought great convenience to people’s life and work. With the help of the endoscope, people can also explore the areas that people can’t see directly. The industrial endoscope expands the vision of the inspection personnel, making the depth of the pipeline and the inside of the container […]