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Choose the brand of industrial endoscope and take a good look at this article

industrial endoscope  industrial endoscope♦The products of wellin brand are of high quality, including optical endoscope with diameter up to 0.4mm, optical endoscope with unique ultra-fine optical fiber and advanced optical fiber bundle technology, remote control video endoscope crawler suitable for long-distance pipeline detection, and video endoscope with perfect integration of super performance and portability. Among them, […]

Application scope of industrial endoscope

The original industrial endoscope, because of its high price, is mainly used for the control of internal surplus of aerospace products and the quality inspection of some parts. In the field of aerospace maintenance and inspection, the industrial endoscope is called the hole detector. Later, with the rapid development of equipment manufacturing industry, it has gone […]

What is an industrial endoscope.

 industrial endoscope Endoscopy, also known as endoscopy, is a multi-disciplinary tool. Its function is to explore the depth of the curved pipe, to observe the parts that can not be seen directly, to observe the internal space structure and state in the sealed cavity, and to realize long-distance observation and operation. If we want to explore […]